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Sound effects of hogs feeding were broadcast to lead listeners to believe the hog was being harassed and aggravated.Clem, his Executive Producer Brent Hatley, and two other people were charged with animal cruelty; all four defendants were acquitted by a jury.Clem was fired from Clear Channel on February 23, 2004.At the time he had the top ranked show in the 18 to 54 year old demo in Tampa.One segment featured the cartoon characters Alvin and the Chipmunks, George Jetson and Scooby-Doo discussing sexual activities.The Commission issued a maximum fine of ,500 for each of the 26 broadcasts of the segment, and added a ,000 penalty for record-keeping violations.

A court ruled in Clem's favor, and Schnitt vowed to appeal.On January 27, 2004, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a Notice of Apparent Liability (a precursor to a fine) of 5,000 against four stations owned by Clear Channel Communications (including its parent station, WXTB) for airing segments of "Bubba the Love Sponge" which included graphic discussions about sex and drugs.The FCC alleged the material was "designed to pander to, titillate and shock listeners".In this video, Clem can be heard saying that the couple can "do their thing" and he will be in his office.Furthermore, at the end of the video, Clem can also be heard telling Heather, "If we ever need to retire, here is our ticket".

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