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As both the audience and Catherine discover more about him, we’ll see if that pulls her closer or pushes her away. The art of clowning goes a long way back, you know. We got this beach shack right on the beach, on the sand and the water.

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So, in that respect it’s similar to Vincent because he is quite a calm kind of guy, but has to deal with this chemical build-up inside of him. But it’s nowhere near as strong as Vincent’s kind of rage—thank goodness! I remember the stunt coordinator was just singing her praises and I was like “Damn, now I have to really prove myself! She’s a writer, so it’s great because she can take her work anywhere with her, which means that can travel with me when I have a movie in Toronto, Australia, or wherever. Do you think men are more romantic down under or in America? That’s a really odd job to see in the paper and I didn’t know if it was legit or not so I just called out of curiosity, and it was! There is a site called Airbnb.com; whenever we’re traveling, we always find a great place to stay on there, like a little treehouse or something.We're not so sure about that powder blue clutch, but we know the beast would growl if he saw her in this outfit. This nasty enchantment caused the innocent network heads to consider canceling REALLY GOOD new shows, like their freshman fans! The network has decided to give the fairytale drama a WHOLE season pick-up! After a HUGE spike in the rating last week, the Kristin Kreuk / Jay Ryan starring series will broadcast a nine more episodes this year. Many of you will be extremely surprised to learn that a lot of famous faces found their way onto the show over the years, and many others ALMOST could've landed coveted roles! we have a Fortress of Solitude filled with Smallville goodies for you right here! ) So if you feel the need to go up, up, and away, then we urge you too… CLICK HERE to check out the gallery, actress glowed in a blush-colored, sequined one-shoulder dress and beige peep-toe pumps. An evil witch cast an eeeevil spell on the heads of the CW network.

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