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You can prevent a concurrency violation by filling another dataset with the updated records from the data source and then performing a merge to prevent a concurrency violation.

(A concurrency violation occurs when another user modifies a record in the data source after the dataset has been filled.)To make changes to an existing data row, add or update data in the individual columns.

But I am facing a problem for update statements for this code. Update() is not working when i want to update contents of a row. Update(dataset, "Student") returns 0 ; Also I have tried populating student Id in the dataset along with the student Name yet the changes werent reflected.

I filled the data Grid View as select *,' Update' as [Update] from table_name ; I created a very small test table Student.

This means that if you try to update the original data source with the target dataset, it might not be able to find the original row to update.

Data Row Collection property when adding or removing rows.

Those methods perform the change tracking that's needed for updating the data source.

Merging datasets is useful when you have a local dataset and you get a second dataset from another application.

It's also useful when you get a second dataset from a component such as an XML web service, or when you need to integrate data from multiple datasets.

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