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The recessed areas are now hidden at the floor or very top edge! I can kind of see it on the joints of the drawer fronts, and on the cabinets themselves, but it doesn't bother me.(The only one we couldn't do this on was the tiny one-off cabinet left of the dishwasher; there's only one of those.) 7. The Benjamin Moore Advance paint is such good quality stuff and gives a really smooth look since it dries relatively slowly.(the decorations in the picture are the previous owners, but the black appliances will be staying).Sent by Annie Editor: Leave your suggestions for Annie in the comments - thanks! Here's a sample of what we did, and what's to come in our how-to posts: 1. In the spot where the microwave was, we built open shelving. We will share lots of how-to's in future posts, this one is all about the Before and Afters! ) You can read here about how we hacked a cupboard to make it all work.) 2. We found a pretty marble-like laminate to install in its place.

I worked with Orchard Supply Hardware on this post as well, and their advice and Benjamin Moore Advance paint were so helpful in making this project turn out! This top photo is the listing photo--the most attractive this kitchen ever looked. It's usually pretty easy to sand drawer fronts and doors outside, but it is dusty inside for the cabinets which stay in place!

He's given me complete decorative freedom over the rest of the house, so it's only fair to comply with this one hideous wish.

So, I'm left to try to decorate around the cabinets.

In fact, I'm confident enough with this process that I might consider painting one of our oak bathroom vanities rather than replacing it...

What do you do when you've got a dated golden oak kitchen, but not the budget to replace it? It had it's flaws, not just in style, but in substance too.

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