Tsukasa and subaru dating alex jones one show dating

Tsukasa is very shy, dreamy, gentle, girly, innocent, sensitive, and good natured as opposed to her rough twin.But Tsukasa isn't a bright girl who gets decent grades without her twin's help.

Tsukasa's physique is completely petite, unlike her sister.Konata placed seventh in 2channel's Sai Moe 2007 contest, came in second place in the category of "Best Female Character" in the thirtieth Anime Grand Prix, and ranked third in Newtype's "Top 10 Female Characters of 2007" poll.Additionally, Konata placed first in a poll for flat-chested girls on the Anime One website.Her naivety, shyness, and kindness gets taken advantage of at times.Konata tends to prank her easily because of this and in addition, Tsukasa is easily embarrassed, blushing a lot.

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