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What these travelers don’t realize is that Japan hosts much more than the latest games and tech; there’s a thriving sub-culture, which has been built up around them.

If you like the idea of strong drinks served with a side of 8-bit nostalgia, there’s another kind of pilgrimage available.

But today, many visitors see Japan as a Mecca for the modern and geeky.

It’s the birthplace of Miyamoto and Mario, the home of the Akihabara Electric Town, and host to the Tokyo Games Show.

Shikoku, one of the four major Japanese islands, is renowned for its Buddhist temples.

With a history stretching back for over a thousand years, tourists and followers of Shingon Buddhism regularly come to visit 88 of these holy shrines as part of a traditional pilgrimage.

Salon de The Rond is a café located in the National Art Center, Tokyo.

Of the single restaurant and three cafés in this museum, one of the best is Salon de The Rond, located on the second floor of the museum.

Above: Visit A-Button after a long day of shopping in Akihabara But if you walk just a few blocks from the stores and arcades, you’ll find a little bar called A-Button.Official Website Street Address: Taitou-Ku Taitou 1-13-9How much will it cost?About ¥1885 - ¥4714.5 About - About £12 - £30The first stop on our pilgrimage is in Akihabara.There are many cafés and boutiques opening at Toranomon Street and Good Morning Café & Grill is one of those, located just minutes from Toranomon Station.This stylish open-air café has a breakfast menu, lunch menu, dinner menu as well as the “bar time,” making it a perfect café that can be visited any time of the day.

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