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It’s in the middle of the afternoon and really hot, so …Read more I wrote guides on all different places to meet girls in Phuket, but what I haven’t really covered yet is something that more and more guys are interested in: Where to meet ladyboys in Phuket? Chances are that you don’t want to go sightseeing until your first full day on the island, so then what to do?

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I update this infrequently as the stats climb for each post.

I’m thinking that these notecards are better off done in a graphics program, but my g/f likes them better handwritten like this.

Other than that I give her 4000 per month and she has been happy with that. HAPPY that she doesn’t have to go to work at a chicken parts factory because you will pay her 4000 baht per month, pay for her food and her rent and phone cards. If you don’t have a relationship similar to this – then you have found a parasite that is milking you for money. DON’T date the girls working at the shops – as they seem to be ex-pattaya and Patong girls for some reason. All the teachers are there, the parents are there….

Good relationships exist in Thailand, it’s just that finding one takes more than the minute it takes you to enter a bar, have your future wife sit beside you and give you a crotch grope and ask for a drink. and this guy brings his black as charcoal girlfriend (number 1 bargirl identifier), covered with tattoos (#2), with her ultra tight and short skirt (#3), pierced nose (#4) and low cut shirt (#5) to the children’s function! There are people that know my name in the town that I’ve never seen.

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A good place to start is this detailed overview of my cost of living in Bangkok.

Once she was in Bangkok and didn’t have enough money for the train ticket back home (600b). Turn a smile into a “practice your English” session and you’ll be on your way. Put a little time in there and see what you can find.

The other time was when she needed some clothes for work (1500b). Be careful because though you may be in Isaan, even some college girls have friends that are plying the sex-trade in tourist places in LOS. She is one of those girls that knows the game from that perspective. Your chances for finding a lasting relationship will improve by a factor of “9” and you’ll look less stupid in a group, bringing your covered with tattoos, smoking cigarettes, underwear and bra-showing Thai girlfriend or wife for everyone to laugh at. A teacher from England at my school brought his bargirl girlfriend (his word) to a school function where the kids are to put on a play.

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