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Detectives eventually tracked him down and arrested him at a house in Huddersfield in March.

Hundreds of indecent images were found in his possession and officers discovered there were victims from Shoreham, Coventry, Walsall, Lanark in Scotland, Liverpool, St Ives and East Ham, Stafford Crown Court heard.

By mid-June the chicks were fully feathered and often seen wing-flapping in preparation for their first flights.

On 15th June female Green 77 (Xena) was rescued from a balcony thanks to the efforts of Clive Wingrave, Andrew Smith and others. As those who follow the webcams will know only too well, it can be quite a challenge keeping track of all the young. All the best, Graham Roberts Here is some information on the 3 peregrine chicks, ringed today: Chick 1 Left leg: Green 75 Female Weight: 830g Chick 2 Left leg: Green 76 Possible male Weight: 600g Chick 3 Left leg: Green 77 Female Weight: 880g This year the last chick hatched on 7th May, some five days after the first and four days after the second chick. Thus when ringed and measured today the ages of the chicks were 17, 21 and 22 days.

Examination of his computer and phone revealed he had contacted girls living in New Zealand, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and Russia.

From the 1st February 2016 landlords or their agents need to conduct checks on new tenancies on whether a person has the right to rent.

AN illegal immigrant who pretended he was a Justin Bieber lookalike to sexually assault a six-year-old girl and lure teenagers into sending him explicit pictures has been jailed.

Yohann Ramchelawon hid his identity behind a photograph of a teenage boy he grabbed from the internet to groom his victims using bogus profiles on social media sites.

It was, however, great to see all three chicks simultaneously on the webcams on 23rd June. The larger two chicks are females but it is difficult to be certain of the sex of the much younger and smaller chick, though we suspect male.

Hopefully we will have a better idea as he/she grows. The wing and tail feathers of the older two chicks are now 2-3 cm but will grow rapidly. Or it can be due to a crack in the shell sustained by an adult being clumsy & leading to an infection, or an egg wasn’t properly incubated for a time & the chick died.

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