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He mentioned specific sois and claimed they were almost deserted. But from the way Stickman described it there were tumbleweeds blowing down most of the sois.The next week another blogger on a different site posted pics from the same sois and they looked like they were doing pretty good trade. Like I said, Stickman has been an invaluable resource for many years but it simply sounds like the guy has lost his passion.

But, on Sunday, he wrote that the person he sold the site to can no longer pay him so he’s quitting.

Sundays came around fast and there was always pressure to cover all the bar industry news and gossip and get everything verified by trusted sources. Some weeks little happens and you just don’t have much to say, but you still have to publish.

Readers aren’t shy to let you know if they like what you’ve produced or not, so it’s about engaging them, entertaining them, and making sure they feel that tuning in was both worthwhile and they will do so again the following week.

That’s hardly major evidence of Thailand becoming more unfriendly to farangs. Believe me, I miss the good old days too so I can sympathize with his overall sentiment but it doesn’t really excuse making scare statements like “clubbed in the head” and then provide scant evidence that this type of crime is increasing to a point that should be alarming.

He’s beginning to sound more and more like a man who harks back to the days when you could by a soda pop for a nickel and everybody left their doors unlocked at night. Another example of how he’s recently been throwing out very ominious sounding openers and then failing to make a case that comes even close was a few columns back when he wrote about how expensive it is to live here in Thailand now.

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