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Automated stations collect and disseminate real time oceanographic and meteorological information including wave height and period, mean water level, water temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature and digital imagery of the beach.

Access these real time data from the Stevens Institute, Davidson Laboratory website:

Hard copies of these maps are available for review at the Department's Land Use Regulation Program office: gov/dep/landuse.

Additional maps and aerial photography are available from the United States Geological Survey, Geospatial Data and Aerial Photography Division: gov/ngpo/

Wetlands permits are required for all activities in the mapped wetland areas. There is also a Web Map Service (WMS) for the 1970 Coastal Wetlands basemaps where you can obtain georeferenced digital copies.

Aerial photographic mapping provides an upper wetlands boundary line. (You will need GIS or GIS compatable software to utilize this service.

Hard copies of various maps and environmental reports can also be obtained from the Department's Maps and Publications Office: gov/dep/njgs/pricelst.

HISTORICAL SHORELINE AND BATHYMETRIC DATA Historical shoreline maps can be used to evaluate changes over time and predict areas of future shoreline change.

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