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If the default password works, the website gains access to the camera feed.

The good news is the feed is dependent on that password.

It may add a sense of security to know what’s going on at home, but if you fail to change the default passwords on the system you could be broadcasting to the world.

A web developer who specializes in online security has put up a website that streams tens of thousands of home and corporate security cameras live to the web.

Sunridge Clinic: Sunridge Proffessional Building – 4th Floor 406, 2675-36 St N. Birth control kits can sometimes be borrowed from community health units or purchased from educational suppliers.

The birth control kit is a tool that can be used to help teach about contraceptives and STI protection. Having the items available to see and touch helps people gain comfort and familiarity.

For more information on Alberta Health Services Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinics in Calgary, see our Power Point Tour: The puberty kit is a tool that can be used to support teaching about puberty and personal hygiene.

Home security systems are getting cheaper every year, and ever more web connected.

Today almost anyone can set up a security camera and have the image feed directly to their smartphone or a dedicated website.

South Clinic: South Calgary Health Centre – Main Floor 31 Sunpark Plaza S. If some items are hard to obtain, a photo or picture will work – please see the photos below.

Having actual products as a tactile object for youth to see and feel can enhance learning and familiarity.

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