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Mothers have full access to tutoring services both in school and in the home environment if needed.

Mothers are encouraged to work towards their diplomas or GED.

Six local school districts reported incidents in the 10-year period: York Suburban, Northeastern, Eastern, South Western, Hanover and York City.

South Western had three reported incidents, York Suburban and Hanover had two, while Eastern and Northeastern each had one over the 10-year period; the rest were in York City.

The program emphasizes parental development, education, independent living skills, including community and social development.

PVFM provides a Safe, Structured, caring environment, which promotes a healthy loving relationship between young mothers and their children, founded on a strong belief of faith and hope in Christ Jesus.

The York City School District, which has been in financial recovery since 2012, had its worst incident rates in the years leading up to the declaration, with 17 reported assaults in the 2009-10 school year.

However, Thomas said she believes the presence of police in every school has helped cut the number of problems in the district."(Police are not in schools) to get a student in trouble, they're there to help," she said of the district’s police department, "and I think its helped."Board president Margie Orr, who was initially appointed to the board in 2009, said she was not aware of the number of yearly incident totals from 2009 to 2012.

In fact, of Pennsylvania's 500 school districts, York City's district reported the highest number of incidents in a single year — 26 sexual assaults in the 2010-11 school year — during that 10-year period and led the state in number of incidents two other years — 2009--12.

The reported assaults, dating from the 2004-05 to 2014-15 school years, tracked sexual assault, aggravated indecent sexual assault, involuntary sexual deviate intercourse and rape.

Few administrators who worked for the district when the spike occurred between 20 are still with the district.

In that period, two superintendents have left the district: Sharon Miller, who was terminated by the school board in 2010, and Deborah Wortham, who resigned in 2013. Superintendent's response: In an email statement to The York Dispatch, current Superintendent Eric Holmes said that while the more problematic years correspond with the financial struggles of the district, including more than 200 staff furloughs, the district doubted the accuracy of the data it reported.

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