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Sarah Beeny, 37, lives in London with her husband, artist Graham Swift, and their sons.

And if you have a white plastic UPVC door, painting is still an option.Bright yellow, pink and turquoise are all huge at the moment and can really transform a property from drab to fab, giving it the wow factor buyers look for.'Then there’s the more traditional, muted colours which are really popular, including deep blue, dark grey and sage green.These colours are timeless, and create an impression of grandeur which buyers love.' In a recent article, Country Life magazine contacted some of the nation's most prestigious estate agents who offered their pearls of wisdom on which colour paint pot to reach for.Sarah Beeny on property My latest venture ( is a new way to sell your home online without an estate agent. I never used to look in the mirror and I look at photos and wish I had, because maybe I wouldn’t have looked such a dog’s dinner!People want help and advice, but you don’t have to pay three per cent for it. The new series of Property Snakes & Ladders is on Channel 4 from 10 June.

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