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There are many free feed readers available out there that allow you to follow your favorite websites without having to visit each one separately.

We have previously published an article explaining what RSS is and how you can benefit from it.

For many of us it has become a customary practice to start a day with reading world’s latest news.

I believe this tradition in some form or other has been with us since the earliest days of newspapers.

Click the RSS Feeds tab, select the RSS feed you want to delete from the list and click Remove.

A confirmation dialog box displays to make sure you want to delete the RSS feed. You can also add RSS feeds to Outlook using the Common Feed List and import RSS feeds from Google Reader into Outlook.

Click Share This Feed to send a link to the selected RSS feed to someone else via email.

We will explain how to add a new RSS feed to Outlook using the How-To Geek RSS feed as an example.

When you select an RSS feed, the RSS section of the Home tab is available with additional options.

You can Download Content for currently selected article, such as attachments, enclosures, or the full content.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary.” It’s a document specification that allows you to easily collect and organize web-based news and information from websites in a standardized format commonly called a feed, which is like a bookmark that actively updates itself.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds using a tool called an RSS feed reader.

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