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Claire takes a fresh approach to helping people find their soulmates.

Initially she set up her business as an events company for unattached men and women but realising that people needed extra help she set up her matchmaking service in April 2015.

Claire's clients are typically over the age of 30 and she has had many successful matches since she launched her venture - a success rate that was recognised at the dating awards.

She says: "I am absolutely over the moon to win such a prestigious award within our industry.

She left to start her own consultancy as a business mentor for small companies working through Dungannon Enterprise Centre.

Setting up her own matchmaking agency was never a consideration.

He said: 'In my mid 20s, I dated a doctor - she was so cute, so preppy, very normal studious looking - but the moment I got back to her place, I opened her fridge and it was so stinky, I told her it smelled terrible'.

John said since he launched his site women have been the first to contact him - and even asked what their fridge said about them. Women are more obsessed about that than men are, you only have to look at tarot parties and things like that to see that woman are more interested in how they appear or who they are than men.'I feel like there isn't a middle ground with dating experts and fills that space.

"I soon realised there was a real stigma here associated with dating, mostly due to the perception that dating agencies were synonymous with one night stands, false profiles, people purporting to be younger or slimmer than they really were and married men pretending they were single.

"I had no notion of it at all and it happened quite by chance," she says.

"I had a 35-year-old friend whose five year relationship had ended abruptly.

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Happily married mum of two and former bank manager Claire Hughes may seem an unlikely Cupid but her uncanny matchmaking skills have just won her UK-wide recognition.

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