Rachel mcadams and jake gyllenhaal dating

The two later joined a bunch of others at a Bill Clinton event and were also seen in various locations in the US and Canada, which lent credence to the romance rumor.

Rachel and Charley, sorry, Michael Sheen(almost had you there , didn’t I) had a relatively quiet romance that lasted all of three years.

“They were there to watch the fight and chat with the trainers and people involved with the sport to get a better idea of the stress and where people’s mindsets are at before the fight stars.

I think Rachel met one of the boxers’ wives or girlfriends, too, for her role,” a source added.

, and it’s believed that the duo have become extremely close while filming.

At the wrap party for the film in Indiana, Pennsylvania, they were even seen dancing together at Brenda & Ken of Wolfies Pub.

Sheen gushed to the media that his lady was beautiful(not exactly a state secret), captivating and endlessly funny.

A source told , “The owner of Donatellos bought them all a round of shots when they first walked in the door to get the party started.

Rachel and Jake, along with the director and crew, were on the dance floor and mixing it up.” The pair were believed to have left the establishment at around 2 am, but only after they’d spent a long time together in the corner chatting.

They were spotted numerous times hanging out together and basically getting cozy with each other in the Big Apple for the latter half of 2014.

They also attended boxing events at the Madison Square Garden. This has to come out of the Hollywood dating book; a tall, dark and rich music producer and a bombshell movie star with a love for the fine things in life.

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