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She looks aghast as the words materialise, then quickly turns off her machine. Could there be a more unnerving insight into the mindset of those who inhabit this dark subculture?

Our own inquiries confirm just how prevalent this disturbing trend has become.

It could be on a table in the dining room or in the bedroom or even resting on a chair in the bathroom, where you might be enjoying a DVD during a relaxing soak with a glass of wine.

Suddenly, a light, no bigger than a 5p coin, appears at the top of the screen.

Other ‘compilation’ videos capture the reactions of stunned victims when they realise their computers have been hijacked. Nor will any of these victims be aware that, even now, they are still being viewed on the internet. Over eight weeks, the perpetrator built up a profile of her daily routines and network of family and friends.

In one, a mother is sitting on a sofa in her lounge with her son. The illegal practice, punishable under the Computer Misuse Act by up to six months in prison, has led to a burgeoning black market where photographs of girls captured illicitly on webcams are exchanged or traded online for just a few pence along with access to compromised computers. Once he had become familiar with her habits and people close to her, he began sending out emails in her name and sending her messages she believed were from her husband and social circle.‘I might have had an argument with my husband and I would get an email saying “hi honey”, or “hi gorgeous, how are you,” ’ Jacalyn recalled.

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