Older men dating younger women does it work

Then they were asked about their actual partners in the past five years.Overall, Antfolk found, young men preferred women their own age.Still, the findings do suggest "men's lower age limit for a sexual partner may not be as low as we've thought, based on previous research," Lehmiller said.But he added an "important caveat." The study was done in Finland, and the findings might not extend to other cultures, including the United States.And on average, they would consider having sex with a woman as young as 21.By comparison, heterosexual women were 35 years old, on average, and the youngest partner they would consider was around 27 (again, on average), the findings showed.

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Basically, the stereotype that older men go for young women is "too crude," said researcher Jan Antfolk, of Abo Akademi University, in Turku, Finland. 9, 2017 (Health Day News) -- The stereotype that older men are usually attracted to much younger women may not fully reflect reality, a new study suggests.The study of Finnish adults found that many heterosexual men were, in fact, interested in women substantially younger than they were.But men were also interested in women their own age, the study found.And men and women did not differ much when it came to the oldest age they would consider.

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