Nickii and chatnet

There are three different types of transmission precautions: If you or a family member has been placed on transmission precautions, there will be a sign at the door of your hospital room to remind visitors and healthcare workers which precautions are needed.

It is important to understand what this means for you and what you should expect from the hospital staff.

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What we normally recommend is making just one tier of the wedding cake gluten-free, such as the top tier or even adding a side cake.

Vous allez prochainement accueillir un chaton chez vous ?

La première chose à faire, c’est bien sûr lui trouver un nom !

We do limit the number of cakes we make each week, so our schedule tends to fill up rather far in advance during these busier months!

At this time we do not offer party cakes or desserts other than wedding cakes.

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