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'Neighborhood residents have been taken by an overwhelming need for caution.

Parents are more strictly enforcing curfews, encouraging their children to walk in groups, or driving them to and from school when they had previously walked alone.'I’ve known him since I was like five or six years old myself, he would asked me if I wanted a ride.

The discussion morphed into a referendum on Walmart.

Residents worried Walmart would devour other smaller businesses, depress wages of already struggling families, wilt economic development downtown, increase diabetes in locals, and be generally embarrassing to neighboring towns.

Police didn't immediately provide any details of how the women were found but said they appeared to be in good health and had been taken to a hospital to be reunited with relatives and to be evaluated.

A Marriage License allows a couple to marry in the state but it is not proof of marriage.

He seemed like he was a good guy to the kids that were here, I don't think he had any bad (attention).'He also revealed that his sister once heard a scream come from the home and called police but nothing ever came of it.

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“Yeah, yeah,” added a third guy, “What was your opening line? Wanna go out before we both need motorized scooters to move? “Yeah, we should all be lucky enough to fall in love with people who believe Walmart is romantic and that sleeves are unnecessary,” said the second man again.

They were not able to get anyone at the home and police did not follow up on it.

Jannette Gomez, 50, who often visits family and friends on the street, said Castro would park his motorcycle and red pickup truck behind the house, lock the gate and enter the house through a back door.

Butthole-stamping has reportedly decreased 76% since the new regulations have gone into place last week.

However, awkward naked conversations and unsightly ball flopping is still being reported.

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