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In other words, they believe it has a positive net present value (NPV) and adds value to the firm.

For instance, managed correctly, your MSDSs can serve as a proxy for the chemicals in your facility, turning your account into a chemical management system that: tracks quantities and locations of chemicals across facilities; cross references chemicals against local, state and federal regulatory lists; and provides robust reporting on the lifecycle of the chemical.

A good electronic system with a large database of safety data sheets makes finding MSDSs relatively quick and painless. More specifically, the knowledge, training and skill a person has is a commodity to the employer.

Better yet, once a good management system knows what products a company has, updates to safety data sheet are actually pushed to the customer. As such, it is a resource that needs to be managed.

Rather, managing MSDSs electronically can help a company be more sustainable with a capital S — it can help green the chemical footprint of the organization and keep the most hazardous chemicals out of the supply chain to begin with.

This is accomplished by tracking chemicals on an ingredient level, sending alerts and requiring permissions when an unauthorized chemical is trying to enter the facility.

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