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The anti-establishment website, which is blocked by Internet providers in Sri Lanka but can be accessed through servers outside the country, published the footage Friday, saying it had been filmed on a phone camera by another soldier.

The fuzzy footage showed women recruits being subjected to cruel and degrading treatment and sustaining beatings by men in uniform.

The conflict between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Sri Lankan army ended in May 2009.

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COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lankan rescuers took advantage of improving weather and receding floodwaters Sunday to reach thousands of people in need of basic supplies after floods and mudslides left at least 126 dead. N said it is assisting in relief efforts in response to a government appeal.

Remain on heavily travelled roads and avoid walking in forested areas and abandoned properties as demining operations are on-going. The resettlement of internally displaced persons is also ongoing.

Reports of increased criminal activities and land disputes are more frequent Some Canadians of Tamil origin report encountering difficulties, including arrest or detention, during screening and security operations.

But that’s just my utterly fanciful interpretation.

The map was devised by Himal, a weekly magazine in Kathmandu (Nepal) that seeks to restore some of the historical unity of ‘Southasia’ (This map of South Asia may seem upside down to some, but that is because we are programmed to think of north as top of page.

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