Michael arrington dating

Tech Crunch founder and tech investor Michael Arrington disputed allegations that he raped his former girlfriend, Jenn Allen.

In a post on his Uncrunched blog, Arrington posted a letter from his lawyer to Allen, the founder of the tech startup RTist, demanding that she retract her allegations or face legal action.

In that position, he became an influential voice and a power broker, but he also made enemies.Adrian Chen of Gawker, who wrote the first story about the allegations, taunted other blogs on Twitter, saying the “race is on to be the last tech blog to pick up the Arrington story.” The suggestion was that other blogs were afraid to write about Arrington, who wields considerable power with his own pen.Jason Pontin, editor in chief of MIT Technology Review, replied, “We win then.” The story continued to grab headlines as Tech Crunch itself published a story about its founder.That photo was posted online but was removed in the past several days, the letter said.The letter also claims that Allen repeatedly tried to contact Arrington after the time of the alleged rape.

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