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As a senior, Blaine is carrying a 3.0 GPA, including 4 honors courses, is a member of FCA, Duke T. P., is a TWUMC volunteer, is a youth referee, a member of his church youth group and scored 1060 on his SAT.

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online magazine, January 2011 11 The material on organizing a supplier firm is from: Michael Mitrano, “Supplier Side: Organizing Your Company – Are Project Teams the Answer? S., competing in TAPPS 3-5A play in the Houston area.A highly decorated athlete at TWCA, Blaine earned the ARC Hitman Award, was a 2x Montgomery County POW Nominee, Next Level Top 200 Junior, received the Game Ball three times and was named Player of the Week multiple times as a Standing 5'9"-168lbs as a senior, Blaine combines his crisp route running abilities with his soft hands and high football IQ to certainly have a bright future ahead of himself at St. As a last past season at WR, Blaine led his team in receiving, averaging an incredible 24 yards per catch.Under 18 years (TERMINATE) 18 19 20 21 22 – 24 25 – 29 30 – 34 35 – 39 (TERMINATE) 10 40 – 44 (TERMINATE) 11 45 – 49 (TERMINATE) 12 50 – 54 (TERMINATE) 13 55 – 59 (TERMINATE) 14 60 – 64 (TERMINATE) 15 65 – 69 (TERMINATE) 16 70 – 74 (TERMINATE) 17 75 or older (TERMINATE) Q01 How many times you eat the following meals on a typical WEEKDAY?(ALLOW DIGITS FOR EACH MEAL - 0-99) Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Q02 How many times you eat the following meals on a typical WEEKEND day?

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