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In the spring of 1879, Harrison was elected to be the mayor of Chicago.

Harrison was elected to the office of mayor five times, serving from 1879-1887 and then again in 1893..

In 1851, Harrison traveled Europe for two years where he began to develop an affinity for urban life.

When he returned to the states he finished his law degree and graduated in 1853.

Harrison was quick to speak out against anti-socialist language in the media, not only saying that socialists did not sympathize with the bomb throwers, but also asserting that socialists represented the “workers, thinkers, and writers” of the United States.

Harrison made an unsuccessful bid for Governor of Illinois in 1884, and was only narrowly re-elected to his 4th term as mayor; he stepped down at the end of that term.

The time that Harrison served in office was a time of expansion and development for Chicago.

When Harrison arrived in Chicago in 1855 the public revenue for taxation was slightly over 0,000; by the time of his death this number exceeded ,000,000.

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After one year of law school, however, he decided to return home to live the life of a farmer on his family’s plantation.During this time, five of his children died in infancy.In an attempt to move away from real-estate, Harrison made an unsuccessful attempt at running for the lower house of the State legislature, but it was not until the great Chicago Fire in 1871 that the catalyst for Harrison’s life as politician would emerge.During his re-election campaign his wife died suddenly of illness and Harrison immersed himself in his work.He served in congress until the end of his second term in 1878, and chose not to seek a third term.

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