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I cannot not wait to see who Ramona ends up dating…And good for her for finally getting honest about her marriage.Princess Peach (casually Peach, formerly Princess Toadstool outside of Japan prior to Super Mario 64) is a main character in the Mario franchise, and the princess of Mushroom Kingdom. and was created by Shigeru Miyamoto to be the damsel-in-distress throughout most Mario games.She resides in her castle along with many Toads, who act as her loyal servants.He might already be rich, famous and handsome, but Mario has proven that he is more than just a pretty face since despite his tight showbiz schedule, he still managed to finish his Master's Degree in Political Communication."My parents always say I'll never be too old to learn," he said, explaining that he took up Political Communication "to be knowledgeable about law for business."He said he did not take up the course to get a promotion or to pursue it as a career.With my schedule so tight, I have to have everything on schedule."Despite having a full calendar, Mario still managed to visit the Philippines for the nth time."I keep on coming back for my friends.

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Since deciding to file for divorce from Mario Singer after years of his infidelities, Ramona has a new lease on life – and love!Mario and Gubgib have reportedly broken up years ago. "It's not bad," he told in an interview Tuesday night during his launch as Head & Shoulders ambassador."You just have to deal with time management."Though he stressed that "There's nothing bad" about dating a fellow artist, he assured fans that he is single and not seeing anyone as of the moment because he is focusing on his new Thai show coming out this month.While in previous seasons trainer trends have gone from everything from cartoon prints to punky black, this season the trend has taken on a far more minimalist aesthetic.Emma's trainers are from the Adidas Originals line, which draws inspiration from street culture and retro styles and can be yours just by clicking to the right.

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