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Various 1-second burst rates can be selected: 3 images, 5 images and so on. Intuitively, you would think 16:9 is the desired setting because our video would match our TV screen dimensions exactly.The camera shoots 1 cycle after each push of the record button. The reality, however, is that 4:3 is the bigger file.Condition the battery: Starting with a fully charged battery, you can “condition” a lithium-ion battery by fully discharging and recharging it for the first 2-3 times.While no longer considered a requirement by Go Pro, conditioning the battery is a good practice to maximize battery life.Use a quality memory card: There are vast quality differences among memory cards.Go Pro requires a Class 10 micro SD card, sold separately; available on and in REI stores. Set your connections: Pair up your Go Pro’s Wi-Fi connection with the camera’s remote and your smartphone app.Go Pro action cameras are redefining how we view adventure sports and record our own outdoor experiences.With this technology, capturing exciting video or still shots in a simple-to-use manner is now within reach of nearly everyone.

To improve sound quality, take the camera out of the case and use The Frame accessory.Geometry Selection: With Bob CAD-CAM V30 you can apply 2D Toolpaths to wireframe, surface edges and surface faces. [Read More] Read more » It’s the age-old question: quantity or quality?How to get the most for your buck without sacrificing the features you need.Tip: Go Pro’s default “wide” field of view offers somewhat of a fisheye perspective.For a more natural view, try changing the camera’s field of view settings to “medium” or “narrow.” While your Go Pro does record sound, audio is not its strength.

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