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“I’m very happy with the way it is going, I don’t want to be getting ahead of myself.

I’m still improving, getting better with every fight.

It was an endorsement left by Leben, who caught the Lancastrian over and again with a bruising left hooks and hayemakers, in a fight which could go down as the one-sided brawl in Birmingham.

One-sided, not merely on the cards, but since only Leben brawled.

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Clinical and calculated, and it may not have looked pretty, but Bisping showed effectiveness and an ability to strategise as he heads towards, potentially, a showdown with the sport's most celebrated mixed martial artist, Anderson Silva, the UFC middleweight champion at 185lbs.

You only had to look at the face of the two fighters after the headline event to find evidence of Bisping’s counter-attacking assault.

A cross of sutures over his right eye, and an aching jaw for Bisping to show for his 15 minutes of pain.

Sie erzählt von einer Welt, in der für Geld alles möglich und menschliches Leben absolut nichts wert ist.

Den Mann, in dessen Sklaverei sie sich befand, nennt sie während der Sendung ständig „meinen Besitzer“ („the man, who owns me“).

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