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“We are catching young survivors and people who say they could never talk about this out loud.Online communication gives them the space to control the conversation and put down their own narrative about what happened.”Marsh said that a vast majority of the online hotline visitors are between 13 and 24 years old.“The idea of taking up a phone and speaking to a complete stranger about things I wasn’t even entirely sure of myself seemed daunting.The online chat helped me express what I wasn’t able to vocalize with my therapist or family and friends.More than half are talking about abuse or assault that took place five or more years ago.RAINN has also found that the chat system appeals to people who have been through particularly violent trauma or experienced a type of assault or abuse with a higher stigma, such as incest—40 percent discuss an attack that was perpetrated by a family member.However, as with businesses across all sectors, nonprofits are not impervious to shifts in the way people communicate.In order to “stay relevant,” they have to modernize.“We get people who are talking about what happened to them for the first time, and if it wasn't for an online service like this, they wouldn't have reached out in another way,” said Jennifer Marsh, RAINN’s vice president of victims services.

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Operating the online hotline requires a substantial amount of financial and human resources, and money for initiatives like this is in short supply.BOISE - Boise police are investigating a report of a sexual assault this past weekend.In a safety alert sent to students Monday night, university officials said the assault occurred in a neighborhood south of the campus.(The RAINN chats that I have had reflect these findings as well.)The interface of the chat system is stripped of “branding” and looks ambiguous, so it can be used in public spaces like school libraries, home computers, and mobile devices on a bus without screaming “crisis hotline.” RAINN does not ask for any personally identifiable information or track IP addresses.It records no transcripts of the session and all data are encrypted.

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