Keri russell dating history is leonardo dicaprio dating anyone

Speedman, 37, split from girlfriend Teresa Palmer in October 2012 after one year of dating.

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Click (right) to splash some cash at Farfetch and then style it with leather trousers or skinny jeans and heels this season.Keri and Scott met and fell in love while filming cult coming of age show Felicity. Scott said he would be open to doing a reunion ala Netflix's Gilmore Girls special - but he joked Keri might be too big of a deal these days. Were the actors just so convincing at portraying the slow-burning intimacy between secret agents Elizabeth and Philip Jennings that it had been mistaken for genuine affection, or was there truth to the gossip?Evidence began to pile up in favor of the former when the twosome was spotted walking around Russell’s neighborhood in Brooklyn Heights a few days before Christmas 2013.

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