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CHAPTER 4 - AFTERMARTH HARRY AND KATIEThe next day after the announcement of the champions, the school was less hostile to Harry because their heads of house clarified with them that he swore a magical oath that he had nothing to do with his name being called.

Ron was so jealous that he couldn't see through his thick head that Harry did not enter the tournament on his own accord.

She's pretty cool with that and says that you're all sexy." Katie raised her eyebrow and they started laughing.

Cedric went up to Harry and said, "Harry mate, I spoke with the Puffs and told them about your magical oath, and that pretty much shut them up.

Although, Susan and Hannah believed in your innocence before you went into the back room.

Fleur and Viktor came up to Harry and encouraged him.

Harry felt the animosity and decided not to retaliate at this stage. Just go away, Harry wants real friends, not those who want his fame and money!

At breakfast Harry sat next to Katie, and Ron stormed up to him and said, "Potter! "Katie glared at Ron and said, "Weasley, for your information, he DID NOT enter his name or ask someone else to do it! "Ron was pale when he heard the money part but composed himself, "Obviously Harry bloody Potter is lying!

We don't mind that you have female friends in the sense of friends, but we want to be your number one, or in that case, your number one, two and three." They had a good laugh and she came up with an idea. I want to really comfort you and take your mind off the tournament, for now."Harry smiled and said, "How about my private suite? By the way, I want you three to be my number one."Katie laughed and replied, "Sure Harry. Katie nodded in confirmation and they were on their way to his private suite without anyone noticing. She and Harry have shared conversations together as the year went on, and slowly Harry felt more comfortable with Katie and the others.

By the way, I can't get my mind off all that kissing we did on the train. Alicia and Angelina had classes at this time, so they will miss out, thought Harry. Katie however, was technically not a virgin but when it came to males, she was.

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