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With the cast set, the sneak peeks that a couple of critics have gotten at the pilot script is even more intriguing. Watch With Kristin TV columnist Kristin Dos Santos says: “ meets boarding school meets Los Angeles neo-noir meets the Whedonverse.In short, it’s rad, man.”Over at Televisionary, the review is even more breathless when describing the brilliantly a twisted take on human trafficking: is a beautiful enigma wrapped in a riddle, a gripping conspiracy story for the ages filled with urban legends, memory tampering, and long-buried secrets coming to the fore.Ben Mc Kenzie, who played Batman in the same animated movie, is returning to Gotham City to play Jim Gordon in Fox's Gotham, so Dushku -- one of a handful of actors who's persistently named in almost any "who should play..." conversation fanboys have -- would be in good company if she could manage to land the role a second time.

Lennix (left) as Boyd Langton, an ex-cop who is Echo’s “handler”/bodyguard who is conflicted about his role in exploiting the Dolls, and newcomer Enver Gjokaj (right), another Doll and Echo’s closest friend.As a long time Whedon-fan I'd had high hopes for his TV return.The pilot didn't exactly have me clapping my hands and doing cartwheels.Dushku would also be age-appropriate, since an older Batman (Ben Affleck, about ten years Dushku's senior) means they wouldn't likely be looking for twenty-year-olds to play some of his best-known friends and foes.Bosslogic previously shared an image of Odette Annable as Catwoman.

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