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Chatwing has all the features you'd expect from a quality chat site except for one glaring omission... We understand it costs bandwidth / money to host and broadcast live cams to an entire room but a chat without webcams on a desktop computer is a bit of a let down.

Chat Wing offers a great service at a low price and free is a great place to start.

IF the company providing you access to the software is capable of patching both existing and future exploits.

The HTML5 version makes it mobile friendly but there are better options if mobile is your primary audience or if providing webcam access to them is important.

Not only can people login with their social accounts but they can easily and conveniently share posts and invite friends.

One thing we didn't like was that only one private messages can be viewed on the screen at a time.

Multiple private message windows can be open but there is no option to resize them so you only get to see one message at a time.

Avatars are reasonably sized and text is clear and easy to read.With some work you can add extra Emojis but its easier to replace what is there.The HTML5 version of the software allows users to type in the chat room and private message with anyone.Like Chat Wing, Rumble Talk is an excellent mobile option and their decision to integrate webcams give them the clear advantage with desktop users.We also like how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are integrated.

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