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The Valley and Ridge province consists of linear ridges in its western segment and the region of the eastern United States) consists of lower rolling hills, reaching from the Blue Ridge to the fall line, the place where rivers descend, often in rapids, from higher and geologically older regions onto the flatter coastal plains.

To the east the Coastal Plain province—or region—lies low between the fall line and the Atlantic coast.

A small but nonetheless significant proportion of Virginia’s residents are foreign-born; immigrant peoples of various ethnicities and their families are concentrated primarily in the northern counties surrounding The first Europeans to settle most of eastern Virginia were the English, coming from the central and southern counties of England, especially from London and the surrounding areas. People of Scotch-Irish and English ancestry still predominate, notably in western and southwestern counties.

Over the centuries, differences in speech developed as a result of both class structure and isolation.

The mountainous areas contain tracts of various coniferous species and hardwoods such as hickory and oak.

Bluegrass and field crops generally cover nearby valleys.

These temperatures allow growing seasons of up to eight months, three months longer than those in far western Virginia.

Although some yearly commercial and sport fishing catches have suggested generally plentiful stocks, concerns have been raised about overfishing and the diminishing populations of some species.

constitute a substantial minority—about one-fifth of the population—serving as a reminder of the important role that African slaves and their descendants played in the early development of the state.

Game fish and smaller panfish abound in Virginia’s inland waters and offshore.

is one of the world’s richest marine-life estuaries, noted for finfish, blue crabs, oysters, and clams.

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