Is jessica biel and chris evans still dating

Trying to bootstrap his way out of Brooklyn's mean streets is Diamond, a rap musician.With his long-time pal Gage acting as his manager, he's trying to lay down a demo tape with cut-rate ...He shows his talent in both comedy and drama, and also has great chemistry with Evans.Jessica Biel is radiant and fascinating as London, a woman longing for complete commitment in an otherwise stable relationship.

Although it features a cast full of popular young stars, London is not an easy sell in the slightest..

It is truly a character study of many different individuals, all of them reflecting on life as the events unfold before their eyes.

It moves at a slow pace but is never boring thanks to excellent performances and stylish direction.

Audiences aren't likely to respond due to its strange and offbeat plot.

It reminds me a lot of 1999's Go in this regard, although it is considerably less mainstream.

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