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Johnson had to be pressured to acknowledge his mistake, just as he had to be lobbied for nearly 600 days to publicly even acknowledge the illegal detention of Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a 38-year-old UK citizen from north London who has been separated from her daughter and husband.Now the problem he has long ignored has come to haunt him and possibly define his time as Foreign Secretary – the front page of yesterday’s Evening Standard reported his job was on the line if Iran decides to extend Nazanin’s five-year sentence as a result of his gaffe. It’s actually too late to take his words back – the Iranians will only call him a hypocrite, consolidating their spin of a British conspiracy.“If I were the member for Qom South, I would feel that it was my patriotic duty to equip my country, as fast as possible, with the biggest, shiniest, pointiest and most explosive thermonuclear device on the market.I would want an Iranian nuke…” wrote Boris Johnson in the Daily Telegraph back in 2006.There is little chance of former Chancellor Mr Lamont being persuaded to upset his business contacts by calling for the release of an innocent prisoner.

Thank you so very much for making this possible for us.Hi to all of you in ISN, Well , I have to say that I did meet my soul mate through your site and that is why I haven't renewed my membership.He and I appreciate your time and effort to make this possible for us and others who are also looking.Boris Johnson is confused, incompetent, and not as wily as his Iranian counterparts, who have snookered him already.He may speak Latin but by Iranian standards of streetwise, he is dim and lacks self-awareness.

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