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By making the choice to purchase a Siemens circuit breaker from an authorized Siemens channel you are choosing a safe, authentic, and fully warranted product backed by Siemens. SIflex is the ultimate solution to your needs for breaker additions on current Siemens projects.

Ensuring you get a new, fully warranted Siemens breaker at the right value!

A: This is a false claim as there is no UL-recognized process that allows a UL 489 certified breaker to be "refurbished/reconditioned".

Q: What does the term refurbished/reconditioned mean as applied to breakers and why doesn’t Siemens do this?In this case, "breaker brokers" resell circuit breakers, switches, strap kits and other components – often to field-modify a post-purchase project application. Siemens does not have any authorized relationships with any of the the third party "Gray Market" vendors and does not condone these sales channels.Q: Are the breakers sold in the "Gray Market" new product?Q: Does Siemens assume the responsibility of any hazardous situations that arise from a breaker purchased from a broker and installed in equipment?A: No, consumers who purchase products on the "Gray Market" own all liability involved with any potential issues or safety hazards that result from the malfunction of this breaker.

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