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I slowly disrobed while minding the video chat and surveying the space. I was standing there naked out of frame, waiting to be acknowledged. I have been obsessively flossing since high school because once a popular jock sitting on the hood of his dads Porsche told me I had a poppyseed in my tooth.

I walked over to where the spray would take place and stepped onto these sticky pads that keep the bottom of your feet from getting tan.

It tastes like success and and childhood attention from your parents (I would imagine).

MOUTHWASH – It’s one of the quickest and only ways to feel fresh as fuck.

Long before 13 Reasons Why was a hit Netflix show, the moving account of the life and death of Hannah Baker originated in Jay Asher's bestselling 2007 young adult novel of the same name.

Both versions of the story are addicting, brutally honest depictions of teen suicide, depression, and grief, but showrunner Brian Yorkey decided to make a few huge changes when it came time to adapt it for TV.

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Please tell me it’s not just me pondering these things! What went down in that initial ideas meeting when someone said “how about a cartoon where a random gang of dogs are in charge of the emergency services? I floss every single time after I eat, which my dentist notices and therefore I am the favorite. If you’re not flossing you’re letting plaque and food build up between your teeth which has never been cool and I’m sorry that you’re at an Oral Bottom.BRUSHING – If you could brush after every time you ate that would be the dopest.I’m presuming the fact that you’re reading this means that you too have a child or children obsessed with Paw Patrol. I often put the telly on at 5pm so I can keep my children calm and quiet while I get the tea ready… In fact, that’s what we all now call it in our household. I’m not quite sure when this gang of rescue pups crept into and overtook my household but all three of my little ones love it. They fight over who gets to play with various Paw Paw toys and when the show is on, they don’t sit on the settee, but rather, they stand right in front of the screen, all three of them in absolute silence and in utter awe.

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