Facts on teenage dating and violence

Sexual violence occurs when a person is forced to take place in a sexual act, or sexual intercourse against their will.

It is one of the most traumatic cases of violence that can happen to any-age individual.

Violence can have lasting effects on the victim, which is why it is important to make sure these matters of any types of violent activity are prevented in the first place.

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They affect all races, all ethnicities, and all economic classes.

While both men and women can be victims of violence, violence against women, often at the hands of men, is the more common scenario.

However, emotional violence can take its own toll on a victim and is often used in conjunction with other types of physical abuse.

Types of emotional violence include name calling, bullying, constant criticism, humiliation, constant blame, threats, controlling behaviors, intimidation, threatening to take belongings/children, etc. These types of emotional violence can create long-lasting effects to a person's psychological state and can make it more difficult for that person to learn to trust others and have healthy relationships in the future with friends and loved ones.

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