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A little fluff regarding those monthly meet ups plus a heated night!

OREleven is getting more powerful and one night while using her powers she stumbles upon a horny Mike ;) A series of ficlets taken from prompt requests on my tumblr involving just Kamu Koma, Koma Hina, Kamu Koma Hina, and the very occasional Kamu Hina for prosperity's sake. The way I organize it is definitely going to be a little erratic, sorry. : D Legolas as a child witnesses his father and lover in a passionate embrace during the night.

Assigned to act as Liaison to the new Primarch during his time on the Normandy, Brae feels drawn to the stoic turian; sensing in him a kindred spirit.

The researchers hypothesize that these childhood nudity situations normalize exhibitionism in the individual's mind.

Upon finding the initial exhibition sexually arousing, the individual is inclined to repeat the exposure, further conditioning the experience.

Other theories point to increased levels of testosterone that cause paraphilics to become hypersexual, exhibiting behaviors or thoughts that are excessively concerned with sexual activity. Correlates of Exhibition-like Experiences in Childhood and Adolescence: A Model for Development of Exhibitionism in Heterosexual Males.

In a 1989 study of sex hormone levels of sexual deviants, male exhibitionist sexual offenders had lower levels of estradiol and testosterone, but higher levels of free testosterone compared to nonviolent nonsex offenders.

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