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He blesses the property of Potipher (and, by extension, Potipher himself) when Joseph is his overseer ( Gen 39:5 ).Egypt had a reputation as a place of wisdom, and Joseph appeals to this aura by calling on them to find a man "discerning and wise" ( Gen )."Do not forget the Lord; who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery" ( Deut ).This was done because "the Lord loved you and brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you from the land of slavery, from the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt" ( 7:8 ).Matthew applies the oracle of Hosea 11 to this situation, further linking Jesus with the historic suffering of the people of God ( Matt ). The two kingdoms of the north and south were united by Menes, the founder of the first historical dynasty of kings. The access of water to the rift seems to have caused the basalt outflows, which are seen as black columnar basalt South of the Fayum, and brown massive basalt at Khankah, North of Cairo. The Nile Valley: The gouging out of the Nile valley by rainfall must have continued when the land was 300 ft.Like Moses, Jesus comes out from Egypt, escaping the temptation of luxury, ease, and a peaceful life. The first six dynasties constitute what is known as the Old Empire, which had its capital at Memphis, south of Cairo, called in the Old Testament Moph ( Hosea 9:6 ) and Noph. higher than at present, as is shown by the immense fails of strata into collapsed caverns which were far below the present Nile level.[N] [T] [E] [H] [S]One of the great powers of the ancient Near East, Egypt dominated the international stage during the prestate life of Israel.By the time of the united monarchy, Egypt had entered the long twilight of its power and influence.

After the fall of the Old Empire came a period of decline and obscurity. lower than at present, as is shown by the rolled gravel beds and deposits on the tops of the water-worn cliffs, and the filling up of the tributary valleys--as at Thebes--by deep deposits, through which the subsequent stream beds have been scoured out. higher than it is now within the human period, as seen by the worked flints in high gravel beds above the Nile plain.

The Egyptian role as oppressor of the people of God soon shifts to Assyria and Babylonia.

In an ironic twist, Egypt becomes a place of refuge after the Babylonian capture of Jerusalem.

Matthew reports that Joseph was warned in a dream to take Jesus and his mother "and escape to Egypt" ( Matt ). In the Old Testament, Northern or Lower Egypt is called Mazor, "the fortified land" ( Isaiah 19:6 ; 37: : 25 , where the A. mistranslates "defence" and "besieged places"); while Southern or Upper Egypt is Pathros, the Egyptian Pa-to-Res, or "the land of the south" ( Isaiah ). LITERATURE Egypt (mitsrayim; he Aiguptos): Usually supposed to represent the dual of Mitsrayim, referring to "the two lands," as the Egyptians called their country. It has been depressed on the West, down to the Fayum and the oases below sea-level.

After the death of Herod, an angel tells Joseph to return to the land of Israel. But the whole country is generally mentioned under the dual name of Mizraim, "the two Mazors." The civilization of Egypt goes back to a very remote antiquity. This strain resulted in a deep fault from North to South for some hundreds of miles up from the Mediterranean. above its western, and into it the drainage of the plateau poured, widening it out so as to form the Nile valley, as the permanent drain of Northeast Africa.

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