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[Check out: 20 types of touches and what each touch really means] #10 Outgoing. Whether you’re an hourglass, supermodel-thin, or full-figured, what draws men is the fact that you’re active and hot! Read: 10 weird dating websites for those with unusual tastes] #6 Funny.

No one likes a stuck-up guy, so saying you’re “outgoing” may just make the women want to “go out” with you even more. Guys think of women as delicate creatures—a soft ray of sunshine in their lives. Men like it when you laugh at their jokes, so let them know you have a good sense of humor, as well.

Plus, he was one of these actor sorts with an ego the size of Russia. Anyway, to cut a long story short I returned home and thought nothing more of it. The next day I was greeted with three photos to the same effect and sent him a rather stern reply telling him to knock it off. That was a few months ago now and about once a week or so when he's feeling horny he attempts to engage me in some kind of virtual sexual act which I never take him up on.

This ups your respect and va-va-voom factor, especially if they can see the fruits of your labor in your photos. Same as guys, you have to show that you are more than looks and success—you have heart, too.

[Confession: I used a dating site without a photo and this is what happened] Best words for men #1 Physically fit.

Apparently, there are still females out there who are looking for the manly man in terms of physique. You may want to entice women by saying that you are a made man in the sense that you have a career going and you’re trying to climb up the ladder of success.

[Read: 13 reasons why online dating isn’t for everyone] #7 Spontaneous.

Put this in your profile and you’ll have women thinking about going on adventures and spur-of-the-moment dates with you—all in all, just pure, plain fun.

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