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I have a K Yari 1983 12-string acoustic, which has not been out of the case for 20 years! Its also signed inside the neck and on the label By K Yairi. It has stereo pickups where you can run two cables from guitar with two volume pots and two eq pots. But if you still have your Dy 62 I would be interested in talking to you about purchasing it. I am the original owner and have owned it since 1989. 2 minutes later I called her back and the lovely DY 72 was gone! The customer was there representing another person who lived in Texas and bought it. I am the original owner and have owned it since 1989. My dad bought a Yairi DY57, Serial 12628 (manufacture date January 18, 1976) brand new in January 1977.

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I have seen some older complete sets for sale there as well as single tuners.

If you think you may be interested, drop me a note ans we can discuss.

Regards, Rick Hi, I have a 1981 Yairi DY52 that my lab knocked over with his big happy tail.

I was too nice when I called about a DY72 Yairi 12 string "K" signature Yairi a few days ago.

Also if anyone happens to have the cert document for my DY57 guitar, please let me know. Yairi AR335E brand new in 1985 mint, Great Sound great looks canada only model quite rare.

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