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However, other times the AFBB strategy is a deliberate choice, e.g. Charles Sledge notes, "In ancient times men who were good providers often were also the dominant males.The best hunter in the pack would also have been the one who took the most risks and asserted himself.

Saying to a beta boyfriend, or a prospective beta boyfriend, that "with alpha Chad it was just sex but with beta Bob it is real love" is just a sentence invented by women to keep Bob happy with his transactional sex situation.

If women don't think this galls the betas who must accede to these liberated, feminist-friendly conditions, they are in for a rude awakening when they discover how quickly the hubby herblings give up on life and on pleasing their cackling sow wives.

An "alpha fux, beta bux" dating strategy may sound, on paper, very pleasing to women, but pursuit of it is almost guaranteed to lead to frustration and bitterness for most women in the modern mating market.

One, the natural order of things can withstand only so much subversion before the spirit breaks.

An aging woman with an extensive sexual history will come to resent her unexciting diaper-changing bore of a husband with whom she settled, and he will resent her rapidly imploding sexual attractiveness, acidic demeanor and daily tacit reminders of his low status.» Alpha Fux Beta Bux, also spelt Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks and AFBB, describes the phenomenon where females mate with alpha males but choose beta males as social partners.

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