Dating service for elderly people

Let’s name a couple of them: MSN has a 50plus relationships section on their 50 segment.

For a period of three months, you pay .00, and for a full year, .00.

They could be divorcees or persons who have lost their spouse.

They too feel the need of companions, more so in their later years, when they retire from work.

And in the geriatric industry, the admonition is, “there’s no excuse for being lonely.” Arthritic or not, a multitude of seniors would love to fox trot and sway their hips to the salsa if given the chance. Dating Services: Seek and You Shall Find If you were surfing a decade ago for sites dedicated exclusively to seniors, you would be hard pressed to find half a dozen.

There are, of course, the reliable mainstays like AARP – the American Association of Retired Persons – and its Canadian counterpart – CARP.

Seniors and other elderly types are not necessarily looking to “shack up” with members of the opposite sex since they balk at the word “commitment”, but a date once a week or bi-weekly wouldn’t hurt at all.

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Our own elderly father – now 80 – has just learned to use e-mail and if he weren’t married, will no doubt be surfing the dating sites with gusto.We don’t think they’ve included these topics yet; soon they may have to.What we have today is a ballgame of a different genre. According to Frank Kaiser who moderates the Suddenly Senior site, type “senior dating” and you’ll get at least 447,000 hits.There are many websites that cater specifically to the senior age group.Elderly people can easily log onto such sites and build a good profile.

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