Dating self help books for men

Now let’s get you from where you are to being bloody awesome.

When Tim Ferriss produced this book in 2007, he revolutionised the way we see work.

Greene dissects and inspects true power in the form of leaders; from Elizabeth I to Henry Kissinger.

The question is; Do you yearn for a life where you are on top?

Don’t let your pride get in the way of making a real and significant change in your life.

The book entails a series of intriguing and necessary questions, more often than not, ones we avoid to ask out of fear of the answer.

When it comes to self-help books the modern man shies away from his unavoidable responsibility to deal with either his issues or accept that there are any in the first place.

This mentality of denial and stubbornness is fuelled and accentuated by the stereotypes that surround self-help books.

While the title is one of the more provocative titles, it isn’t far from the truth.​The book goes through Tim’s journey as a young entrepreneur fighting the old age battle of wanting more money in less time. If you, like most men these days, are sick of trading your hours for an increasingly more frustrating and diminishing amount of money, then give this book a read.

Tim shows you how he went from earning ,000 a year and working 80 hours a week, to earning the same amount whilst working a tenth of that time.

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