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Today, we want to take a close look at the history of this famous Plaid Shirt as well as the Pendleton Woolen Mills Company of Portland, Oregon.

The roots of Pendleton Wollen Mills date back to the year 1863, when the British immigrant and weaver Thomas L. After working a few years as an employee of another mill, he decided to start his own business in the wool trade, the in Salem, Oregon. Kay helped them to expand their business from the manufacturing side into the retail business..

In 1876, Kay’s daughter Fannie became his assistant and when she married the retail merchant C. Strategically, it was wise to move to this northeastern part of the state because sheep were raised locally, cutting down on the transportation costs in wool production significantly.

Initially, the original Pendleton Wollen Mill was established in 1893 as a wool scouring plant where raw wool prepared for textile mills.

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Although style, weight, colors, and patterns have changed over the last few decades, Pendleton still provides all wool Men’s Plaid Shirts for casual wear.

Vintage Pendeltons are often highly sought after collector’s items today.

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The Pendleton Plaid Shirts turned out to be a success and by 1929, Pendleton was producing an entire clothing line of woolen sportswear.Beginning in 1896, they also manufactured Native-American blankets for the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla tribes.When the Bishop family resumed business in 1909, they revived the blanket business by introducing new designs and colors.The shirts back then were cut rather slim and one of the most popular shirts, the “Board Shirt,” featured two chest pockets with flaps and rounded corners.Up until the late 1940s, the pockets matched the pattern of the shirt but in the 1950s the pattern was intentionally mismatched in a 45 angle in order to create a more youthful look. Pendleton Woolen Mills Pendleton, Oregon 100% Virgin Wool.

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