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You’re known for your sugar, spice and everything nice.

A random night of passion is no reason to lower those standards.

That’s right: upon returning to bed, don’t be afraid to kiss her/him!

Isn’t it insane that such a kiss can actually be really intimidating, considering the fact that you just slept together? After playing kissy-face for a bit, you’ll want to share some good pillow talk.

It's either you go commando or take an extra pair of underwear in your kit. If you're going to reuse your underwear from the night before, try some with anti-microbial elements, like these from Mack Weldon.

They have Silver XT2 performance fabrics, that is, they're anti-odor and will keep your junk fresh, dry, and cool.

Girls should try a pair of earrings or some other piece of jewelry, as long as it’s not an heirloom or something worth appraising. Baseball caps are ideal; belts and undershirts will suffice in a pinch. Send a text later in the day, a reminder that you’re still thinking about last night, rather than trying to purge the memory of it from existence. Once you’ve reached out, put things on ice for a few days.

Try something brief and witty that refers to the previous night’s escapades (“My big toe is killing me. I hate perpetuating hard-and-fast dating rules, but in this situation, three days does, in fact, seem like a good interim period before soliciting another hang-out.

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No one needs to know that they're made with Dri-FIT fabric, meaning they won't wrinkle and will keep your goods nicely ventilated all day.Rolling over and pretending to sleep is a surefire way to expedite your bed-partner’s departure.That moment when she/he wakes up and wonders “Where the f*ck am I? A good conversation will affirm that you are not an axe-murderer and cut the tangible tension that always hangs over a room laced with regret and the dewy afterglow of drunken sex. Just make sure that you have this well-stocked at all hours of the day since you never know when you'll be notified that someone swiped you right as well.Its fabrics wick away moisture so sweat won't show or seep through, while keeping you cool all day long.

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