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I think my best aspects are my eyes and my lips I WAS BORN IN KÖNIGSBERG.

I am friendly person, little shy, need a while to build trust in someone new. I am slim, short I feel that At some level i'' a pretty easy going man, flowing with the world around me untill something goes wrong - then ot has to be fixed so we can move forward.

They’re taught to be strong types from an early age and they hide a lot of their sensitivity under a tough skin.

Israeli guys can be very forward and like anywhere, many are just out for the sex.

With I'm a modest and serious person with positive views on life, I'm not a conflicting person. Israelis are some of the most beautiful people in the world with a hundred races blending together.They keep in good shape and after a walk through town on a hot day you’ll have more than one reason to need a cold shower.By the time they hit 40, however, they start to go bald, get fat and grow hair on their backs.Perhaps it’s the influence of the army but Israeli guys are renowned for locking their feelings away.

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