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Moreover, he managed to locate Jochen Phlert for me.As a result I now have a mass of emails and documents which enable me to identify this guitar with some certainty: Werner Phlert had asked Hofner to make him a high quality guitar but scaled down on price for his students.He had in mind a Phlert guitar not a Hofner guitar and referred to this guitar as The POHLERT JAZZ GUITAR.Hofner it seems would have been happy to supply him with Hofners but agreed to supply just a small series "only very few" Phlert guitars.Note that the pickup surrounds are "Toaster" type which dates it to '64-'65.

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The pickups are type 511s but mounted in Toaster type rings so this sets the window around 1964/65.I learned that Werner Phlert had died in 2000, on his 73rd birthday.Consequently, I felt that Christian Benker, the CEO and family owner of Hofner at that time, might be the only person who could help me identify this lovely old instrument.That accords with all other dating features so I guessed this guitar was made around 1964. Fortunately, the pamphlet gave some helpful information about Werner Phlert and his guitar and enabled me to start the research trail which lead to Jochen Phlert who has been so helpful in providing background information for me.The guitar needs quite a bit of work to allow it to play nicely. My first feeling was that I should restore it fully.

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